About Us

The Life Center serves all the people of Long Island. Since 1986, a small group of dedicated individuals realized the necessity to help pregnant women in need. Today, we have grown to a pregnancy resource center serving over 250 women each month and assisting 300-400 a month over the telephone. We operate centers in Deer Park, Massapequa, and Hempstead.

Where teen pregnancy and single parent homes are on the rise, it is essential that pregnant women choosing life have access to much needed support services. Our goal here at The Life Center is to empower pregnant and parenting women by providing them with the resources and emotional support needed to take care of themselves and their children and enable them to make healthy decisions for their future. Skilled consultants are available to provide information, guidance, hope, and encouragement to women and men struggling with an unplanned pregnancy.

The Life Center is a private, non-sectarian 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit corporation which serves everyone regardless of race, religious affiliation or ethnicity. No one is turned away and there are no charges for our services. Our organization relies on the financial support of our benefactors without whom we could not continue our work.

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