Baby Bottle Campaign Impact

The Baby Bottle Campaign is an integral part of the Life Center of Long Island’s operation.  It provides the necessary funding for the Center’s vital services to the individuals in need of pregnancy support enabling us to celebrate the beauty of the lives that have been touched and saved through the ministry of the Life Center.

The Baby Bottle Campaign also raises awareness throughout communities here on Long Island about the tremendous resources and educational programs available so families can make truly informed, empowered decisions and better choices for their family unit.  And perhaps, most importantly, it reinforces our basic mission to support and defend the sanctity of life.



“After a long process, our son and daughter in-law recently adopted child.  We are so grateful that his mom made the right choice to continue his life.  He is a loveable little boy with a big happy smile and the child they waited so long to have.  Pregnancy and parenthood can be scary – fear of the unknown – but with the people around you services that are available and taking a day at a time, bringing a life into the world is a beautiful experience that cannot be described.”





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We can insert your preferred dates and either print it or send you a digital copy.



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Sanctity of Life Sermon

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