AAA Pregnancy Options Announces Evolution to Women First Pregnancy Options

AAA Pregnancy Options Announces Evolution to Women First Pregnancy Options

We are excited to announce that after 33 years, our pregnancy care centers known as AAA Pregnancy Options are getting a facelift…. Why? Our new name, Women First Pregnancy Options more accurately reflects our mission and the business we are in: helping women first with options when they find they are pregnant. As a result, our Long Island-based private, independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization functioning as a life-affirming pregnancy resource center—is announcing its rebranding to the new name.

The Board of Directors, our staff, our client advocates, and I recognized that as our clients’ behavior evolves, so should our brand. We must stay relevant and noticed. A perfect example is how the internet, social media, and cellphones have resulted in changes to the things that are important to our clients. Keeping up with those changes is our goal. We want to be present to a woman who has just learned she is pregnant and not sure if she wants to carry her baby to term.

Our story began over three decades ago in 1986 when a group of dedicated volunteers realized the necessity to help pregnant women in need on Long Island. Since then, we have grown to be the largest, most comprehensive client services and pregnancy help center on Long Island.

We are known for providing no-cost services to pregnant women and their families in need, and Women First Pregnancy Options will continue offering the same compassionate care to clients at each of our centers under the new name. This rebranding is expected to reflect services broader than just providing emergency help amid an unplanned pregnancy.

In addition to distributing material aid, we provide a multitude of services including self-administered pregnancy test kits, client advocacy, referrals for community resources, relationship education, post-abortion counseling, our male advocacy program, and new parenting programs and workshops.

Young people in an unplanned pregnancy or with a sexually transmitted disease often feel they have nowhere to turn – making the free and confidential resources Women First Pregnancy Options provides life changing for many. As a caring alternative, Women First Pregnancy Options provides a truly personalized approach and non-judgmental, fact-based education for clients and their families, enabling them to make informed decisions about their pregnancy while remaining steadfast in providing alternatives to abortion and contraceptives.

Current and future clients of Women First Pregnancy Options can take comfort in knowing that they can still receive the same tangible resources and emotional support needed to take care of themselves and their children. As we move forward, we remain committed to the mission that has brought us here today. Please pray that our efforts serve even more abortion-vulnerable women and men in our mission to save lives.

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