Rally For Life

Rally For Life

In our February newsletter, I wrote about of the passing of the Abortion Expansion Bill, aka the “Reproductive Health Act,” signed by Gov. Cuomo. It was with a heavy heart that I shared the major points and ramifications of this bill. The extreme new law was passed by the New York Legislature Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019, on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Since then, we have received phone calls expressing outrage in response to this new law, with inquiries about what can possibly be done. Our response has been to create good out of evil by taking action: pray, volunteer, support our work through donations and/or join 40 Days for Life Campaigns, prayer rallies, etc.

We thank Janice Seaman, a parishioner at St. Dominic’s, Oyster Bay, and also a Life Center volunteer and Baby Bottle Campaign speaker, who took action and coordinated a truly eventful Rally for Life. I asked Janice to share the beauty of what transpired:

“On Saturday, February 23, 2019 over 1,000 people of different faith and political affiliations stood and gathered together on both sides of Old Country Road in Garden City to stand for life and protest Cuomo’s Late-Term Abortion Law. During the two-hour event, thousands of cars passed by on a busy Saturday next to Roosevelt Field, overwhelmingly exhibiting positive responses such as smiles, thumbs up, and honking horns. On one hand, we could count the negative gestures. Clearly, it makes one wonder not only how New York legalized late-term abortion up to birth, and if perhaps the baby were to survive the abortion, to then let the baby New York celebrated this law by lighting up the Freedom Tower, as though it won the Super Bowl!! The emotions expressed at the rally were the direct result of the elation displayed by Cuomo and the New York Legislature when they passed this barbaric and evil law. In fact, many protestors told us that it was the first time they have ever protested anything and that Cuomo and his cronies went too far!! Although this was their first protest, many said it won’t be their last until this law is repealed. Clearly, Cuomo struck a nerve with New Yorkers who are so incensed by this murderous law and the lack of representation of who we are as a people and its attack on our morality. Cuomo, with his own agenda, broke the heart of New York!! As for the Life Center, we stood to defend life and boldly advertised our free services, hoping to bring awareness of our existence, and to offer information and solutions to all those who are pregnant and in need of help. Our main message is that life is a beautiful choice, and we love you both, mother and child.”

We encourage you to take a stand and realize your potential in making a difference here on Long Island. God calls us to protect the innocent. Please pray that hearts are converted. Happy Easter, and many blessings to you and your family,


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