To the NYS Reproductive Health Act

To the NYS Reproductive Health Act

The Board of Directors of the Life Center of Long Island is deeply saddened by the passage of late-term abortion legislation in New York, which is now being promoted in other states throughout our country.

The act of killing a child at any stage of life is unconscionable, but killing a baby about to be born into the world, even when she or he could be in the birth canal or partially delivered, can be considered as nothing more than a barbaric act unworthy of this great nation, a nation that notes the right to life in our Declaration of Independence. We pray that our legislators will understand the sacredness and extraordinary gift of life and that abortion is not a political issue but that there is a moral imperative to preserve and cherish life at all stages.

We believe that there is always forgiveness for those who have chosen abortion, and we know that God loves them as He does all His children and hope they find the healing they will come to need. There are wonderful options for those who carry a child but do not feel they can parent that child. With medical advances, as well as the services of the Life Center of Long Island, there are few, if any, cases where the choice must be made of one life over another.

The Board of Directors is deeply shocked and saddened by this abortion legislation, and by late-term abortion itself, and wishes to register our opposition to these laws that destroy, rather than preserve, that most precious gift: life itself.

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